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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Lost N Dying World
Post Content
There are fifty-one oil and gas-related caverns in the 1-mile by 2-mile salt dome storage facility, the source of the declared state of emergency.

[link to www.texassharon.com]
 Quoting: Lost N Dying World

If they beleive the salt dome if failing, why have they not started pumping out the oil and gas reserves from caverns in that salt dome? Unless that would cause too much attention? Or maybe they already have, we just don't know it yet? Or perhaps removing the reserves will only add to the unstability of the dome?

Just some thoughts.
 Quoting: Artlicious

I thought I had read somewhere they had pumped some of the gas off..hmmmm I will have to find it again. I think it actually is in one of the links in this thread.
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