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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Lost N Dying World
Post Content
ok this maybe far fetched but surly they didn't cause the Macondo well to start leaking to relieve pressure off the fault area.
 Quoting: Lost N Dying World

no, i think there's something else happening down there

1. they should NOT have drilled there, the seabed was unstable

2. after the explosion the rov'ers clearly showed that the seafloor was cracked in numerous places and bubbles were being pushed out (likely, like w/the sinkhole, methane and maybe hydrocarbons)

we're watching the unfolding of a major geological event
we can only hope this event unfolds in slow motion so as many people as possible figure it out and do what they need to do to protect themselves and their families from harm

apparently nobody in an official position cares enough about the people they claim to serve to raise the alarm
i do not envy their karma and the lead weights they've placed on their souls

and those who did try end up drowning in hot tubs and such

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12779781

Not sure if you are familiar with the so called future map of the US if you look at that map it shows that the Springfield and Joplin, MO area will not be affected by the water. I am about 3 hours from Springfield, MO I was just curious if I had enough time was this started to get there before the shtf.
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