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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Has anyone posted this US NAVY map of the future USA?

This is an actual NAVY map, It shows the "new coast lines"

we will have after some great flood of the future.

Check this out! (Apologies if it's already posted)

[link to 50kview.blogspot.com]
 Quoting: I Ban Thee

it is as much a `NAVY' map as I am a 40 ft high tentacle monster...
you may want to look further into the origins of this `NAVY' map

because you might find that (surprise) the origin has nothing to do with the us navy...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24997521

I have said this on many threads:

When and where did this map originate? ANYONE could have drawn this map, so I have always been skeptical about it.

Again -- can anyone give any info as to the map's origins?
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