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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle seekingthehturt
Post Content
Bendinglight -

What if all of this movement, all of this change, is from the expanding Earth theory? What if the December 21, 2012 date is just the date that the Earth has its biggest change in tens of thousands of years?

This would line up with the Mayans end of the long count calendar - because if the Earth expanded by say, 30%, most life would be gone from huge crustal movement/tsunamis/volcanoes/etc.

It would also bury virtually everything under water - maybe this has happened before, and this is why Atlantis is no longer above water? The poles shift with the crustal movement, which we misinterpret as a pole shift, when it's just the Earth expanding.........

Tell me if I'm making sense.
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