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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
It's just weight being readjusted. Everybody knows the plates are floating. What happens if you dump mega tons of water on one side of the plate. You think that plate might move, sink, one side sink while the other goes up? Were talking about Greenland. Constant water flow from one spot to another. This means moving a lot of weight from one area to another area. If the water sits and pools in front of Greenland it will make the plate readjust to its weight. If the water spreads out all over the world it will move the weight off that side of the plate and make it lighter. One way or another the plates have to make adjustments to accommodate where the weight is. Float a piece of bark in a bucket of water, add weight around it and note its position. Then move the weights around and note how it moves to new positions. The slightest adjustment of the weights move the bark. This is whats going on now with the movement of water off Greenland. Naturally if the plates move it pisses off the volcanoes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24699241

Between OP's presentation and your interesting choice of words to end you comment, I find this new post intriguing:
Thread: MT St Helens - 40 Mins Ago Small Earthquake Followed by Steaming Around The Rim


What you are saying is exactly what I had read. we bulge here and there, before readjusting.

Glacial melt contributes to a rise in free water, yet, the rise is not as globally constant as one might think. Look at parts of the Indian Peninsula, now said to seemingly be under water permanently. Yet, is this due to a sinking, or, to a rise in the Indian Ocean? [Actualy, I have not researched this, so I do not know what is being considered.]

Even in Bayou Corne, I saw pictures of the water level of a homeowners dock clearly dropped about 12 inches, yet, with all of the trees havng fallen into the sinkhole, you might suspect a rise in water levels due to that displacement alone. Not so.
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