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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content
Thanks for the effort man!

You can tell by the delay in responses, this was posted a while before any responses came up, that the "knowledge management specialists" (people whose job it is to tell you what to think) are having problems coming up with cogent disinfo to this post.

Look for ad hominem attacks, diversion, ego engagement etc to distract from the facts and logic in the OP.

Good luck to all.peace
 Quoting: get_over_it

those buoys give false data (often massively false) over % 60 percent of the time in normal conditions.

during seismic activity the data from them is nearly always false, check what readings they displayed after last years honshu quake and the huge amount of panic posts at this site from thinking tsunamis are coming .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24859323

"Buoy errors"?
I addressed this already...

"THESE ARE NOT BUOY ERRORS! Two different buoys thousands of miles away from each other wouldn't be showing this clear connection if it were to be an error!
Why volcanic eruptions when buoy data shows seafloor adjustments?... well THAT AFFECTS MAGMA IN THE REGION!!!!"

"Why is it there are buoy events by Indonesia and the Alaskan islands at nearly the same time, with volcanic connects to Indonesia ending in a mega quake by the Lower Americas?
Twice can be a coincidence but three times????
Not only that the activity is increasing!"

and lastly in case you forget.. if these are "buoy errors" how come I was able to use buoy data to predict 7+ quakes?

If it was all "BS DATA" then there wouldn't be these connections, patterns and accurate predictions.

Well I read your OP but still don't see whats the big deal here, your only looking at a small picture of what is happening now, do you know what happen 1000 years ago, how about a 2000 years ago, you don't know, so this is just a bunch of blowhard speculation..

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22428361

Don't see what the big deal is?

How many other times have you seen:

- MSM admit "vast Indo-Australian plate is being torn in two"
- Seafloor adjustments that have lead to volcanic eruptions 3 times in a row
- Documented information showing a pattern 3 times in a row leading up to 7+ quakes
- With that pattern being use to predict the 7+ within the exact region and time frame days before it happened

This is not speculation but rather documented information!

What's your take on this OP?:

I realize this theory is shunned by mainstream science, but if true, wouldn't this totally do away with the plate tectonics theory? Not that there aren't plates, but that they don't operate dynamically as in the P/T theory?
 Quoting: UseLess RepEATER


Honestly anything is possible.
The universe itself is unlimited possibility and creativity... as well as each and every spirit here on Earth.

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