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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If God intended to flip the Poles, it would be a simple matter of in creasing the ice on one Pole and decreasing it on the other. There are no signs of this happening at this point in time, go back to sleep.

September 2012, a Record Breaking Month
October 02, 2012; 10:12 PM

As most of you know, Arctic sea ice reached a record low minimum extent on September 16th. Also last month, Antarctic sea ice achieved a record high maximum extent.


Sea ice in the Arctic is now starting its annual increase as the sun dips toward the horizon.

A total of 11.83 million sq/km of sea ice was lost in the Arctic this past melt season. The previous record loss was 10.65 million sq/km, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). The satellite record goes back to 1979.

Air temperatures at the 925 mb level just above the Arctic Ocean averaged 2 to 5 C. (4 to 9 F.) above average for September 2012. One of the reasons for this was the increase in open water, which allows more of the sun's heat to be absorbed.

September 2012 sea ice extent was 16% lower than the previous record low and 45% below the 30-year average (1981-2010).
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