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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content
I can't even find the motivation to respond when somebody has already made up their mind no matter what the information is.

"Thus it discredits also your initial post."

A post of a screenshot of earthquakes with a line showing their position discredits this thread?
The initial post is all documented information and data, it's not even about me.
Data is data.
 Quoting: bendinglight

OK, let's turn our attention to your initial thread:

All your sea level adjustments refer to station 53046.
Of course you watched also the data of the stations 56001 and 56003? They should (only about 300 miles away) also show a significant drop in water column height.
Why don't you post this data to verify your claims?

Oh yes, forgot:
Most of the 16 buoys, handed over to Indonesia in 2011, are destroyed beyond repair. The remaining buoys submit largely corrupt data.
The reason why the "Gitews" don't rely any more on the buoys for tsunami warnings, instead on GPS and seismometer data.
And everybody with a little brain would expect, that a sea level adjustment of 110 m or 270 m should trigger a major tsunami. Did it? No.

Thus buoy error.
Second flaw in your calculations.
 Quoting: Hydra

I see what you are saying and respect your info. BUT I also see where OP has predictions of EQ's happening in particular areas,following same patterns using the 'broken buoys' when calculating this info, and OP has been accurate EVERY TIME. And everybody with a little brain would expect that after OP's multiple predictions being 100% correct, the reality of this information is priceless.
Little Brain
PS: Being a little brained moron, I must tell you that your comments are crap and I have no respect. Have a good evening

 Quoting: cutetornadoF5

Thanks for the logical sharing.


Call these errors if you wish however these "errors" have lead to a step by step pattern ending in 7+ quakes by Central/South America.

I would like to also point out:
End of August to end of September within this sequence.. three 7+ quakes.
Last 7+ quake in Central/South America was back in March.

Dang those buoy errors eh? lol

There was no intelligent answer of the documented data showing a sequential pattern, just oh well BUOY ERRORS!
It's amazing how people dismiss reality at times!

I worked very hard on this thread showing clear steps 1,2,3 and took screen shots etc.
We learned about counting and patterns back in kindergarten, thankfully most people here can still count.
There will always be ridiculous ignorant tards that dismiss clear data no matter what.
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