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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content

I'm curious about your thoughts for the period of time, following the Pole Shift.

Do you believe the new Equator will run through the middle of the USA & Canada?

Besides ZetaTalk, do you have any recommendations on reading material regarding how my state of Colorado will fare after the pole shift? I live about 30 min North of Denver, in a smaller town. I realize the Rivers will swell, and I'm about 8 miles away from the nearest one.

How much warning do you think we'll have in the interior of the Country before all Hell breaks loose with high winds and large Earthquakes?

I am well aware of very large underground Government areas here in Colorado. Isn't it risky for them to go underground with major flooding and Earthquakes on the horizon?

If Antarctica and the current North Pole suddenly end up in Tropical zones, how long do you think it'll take for the ice to completely melt away and effect the Ocean level? It would seem to me that more ice would melt in a Tropical zone, than form in a new Arctic zone.

How long do you expect the Oceans to slosh around directly following the Pole Shift?

Do you expect the Pole Shift on 12/21/12, as seemingly foretold in ancient religions and writings? If not, what is your best guess?
 Quoting: Go Away

Thanks for sharing.

First of all I have studied Zetatalk long and hard.
If you've seen my threads and videos you'd know I certainly do my research.
I'm ALL about connecting the dots, finding patterns and proven documented data etc.
Zetatalk is real tricky because it is a mix between correct and incorrect.
I personally believe Nancy for whatever reason can't tell the difference between the two.
Probably some agenda behind all this.
Most find the obviously wrong information and then dismiss all the rest.. oddly enough the more hidden information is where you'll find more accurate information.

Take for example this thread and other recent ones where I've predicted earthquakes.. shown patterns etc.
All I've done actually is in tune with zetatalk quote "folding pacific allowing S. America to roll"
We're seeing signs of that now, so much and so obviously so that I've recently predicted activity accurately.
Including the very adjustment now talking place by Indonesia.

Take for example the video I made recently PROVING how adjustments are now taking place by Indonesia followed by 7+ quakes starting the South America roll.. and lastly the media coming out admitting the indo australian plate is breaking in half!
Anybody with a thinking mind would go.. OH MY what amazing PROOF giving creditability to what's going on!
7/10 plate movement etc!
Of course all this is dismissed by the Ning however.

But why? Well as I said there is an agenda and for whatever reason that current agenda is to maintain some hardcore element of doubt.

Either way I'm going to continue to do, share and have a good intention in sharing.
That intention always gets me bashed by most people for bring up Zetatalk.
Truth is what I have predicted accurately is in tune with some statements on the site, some of which helped me in my forecasts.
If I took all credit I'd be selfish and lying however most seem not to understand that.
Anyway... enough about that.

I am 100% sure the pole shift WON'T happen in 2012, too much more needs to take place before the shift can happen.
All of which won't take anybody by surprise.

As far as everything else, I can only guess which I'm not going to do.
My goal is to stay near term and follow the steps and data.
All of which now is this sequence that has occurred 3 times in a row.
That is what's important now, that is back up by evidence and that's what I'm going to stick to at this moment.
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