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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content
Here's the update
Source: Thread: Maine Earthquake is connected to Indonesia movement, proven! Evidence of Indonesia movement putting pressure on other regions and Buoy data also.

So today when this happened...

Thread: 4.5 EQ MAINE
Thread: WTF??? 4.5 in Maine?

I went hold on!
This has happened before!
I remembered another Maine earthquake that happened back in April and it was also the same size.

Here it is:
Thread: 4.6 Gulf of maine - East Coast

Here are the stats:

Magnitude 4.5
2012 April 12 02:29:41 UTC
41.998°N, 65.994°W

After some homework I found a screen shot of the earthquake as seen here:

USGS eventually wiped this earthquake off their records though.

Now what happened within a 24 hour period of both of these Maine earthquakes???
Massive adjustment by Indonesia completed right before hand!

April 11th:
Thread: 8.7 Quake In Sumatra - 7 Small Tsunamis - 12.0 On Mercalli Scale - 13 Buoys In Event MODE! Massive Elevation Change In Sea Off NZ!
Thread: 8.6 Sumatra, 5.9 Oregon, now 7.0 Mexico
Thread: 4-11-2012 Sumatra 8.6 EQ possibly largest strike / slip EQ on record

October 16th, 315 meter seafloor/plate adjustment completed by Indonesia:

Notice there was a 315 plate/seafloor adjustment by Java, Indonesia which completed on the 16th.
I've covered this area in other threads in detail.. made accurate forecasts etc since August in knowing plates are starting to break free.

More recently MSM came out and admitted this area IS INDEED adjusting!

Thread: The Indo-Australian Plate May be Splitting
Thread: 2012: Scientists say Huge Earthquake April 11 Triggered Other Quakes Worldwide
Thread: Sumatran quakes in April were part of tectonic plate breakup
[link to www.newscientist.com]

I give some quotes from these sources to summarize:

-"Earth cracking up under Indian Ocean. YOU may not have felt it, but the whole world shuddered on 11 April, as Earth's crust began the difficult process of breaking a tectonic plate. When two huge earthquakes ripped through the floor of the Indian Ocean, they triggered large aftershocks on faults the world over, and provided the best evidence yet that the vast Indo-Australian plate is being torn in two."

-"The quakes were also notable for triggering powerful aftershocks thousands of miles away. Though major quakes have been known to trigger aftershocks at great distance, they are usually less than 5.5 in magnitude. The April earthquakes triggered 11 aftershocks that measured 5.5 or greater in the six days that followed, including a magnitude 7. Remote shocks were felt 6,000 to 12,000 miles from the main quakes."

-"Fred Pollitz, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., and lead author of one of the studies, said the quakes were extremely effective in transmitting seismic wave radiation around the world. Though Pollitz said the magnitude of the larger Sumatran quake is No. 10 on the list of quakes since 1900, no other temblor has triggered so many strong aftershocks so far away.
"It's the most powerful earthquake ever in terms of capability of putting stress on other fault zones around the world," he said."

For record, the buoy that has just shown the 315 meter adjustment is in the Indian Ocean, the very area these Geologists are talking about.
Of course they aren't telling all, in actuality the plates in the region are on the move and when they move it puts pressure on the other side of the globe.
I've documented a pattern starting with this buoy in other threads on here, however this Maine earthquake today is further proof how everything is all connected.

So now that I got Maine out of the way, there was just a 6.0 earthquake 337.4km deep.
Thread: >> M6.0 earthquake, 166km SW of Sarangani (philippines)

Has large earthquakes happened Northeast of the adjusting plate (buoy event) by Indonesia previously right after the adjustment? Any other patterns? YES!

Adjustment ending on 8/25:

Followed by a 6.6 earthquake on 8/26 by Northeast Indonesia:
[link to comcat.cr.usgs.gov]

Adjustment ending on 8/30

Followed by a 7.6 earthquake on 8/31 by the Philippines
[link to comcat.cr.usgs.gov]

Adjustment ending on 9/26

Followed by a 6.4 earthquake on near end of 9/26 by the Alaskan islands
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

As you see whenever there was a plate adjustment by Java, Indonesia it sends pressure immediately Northeast which is release within a day by a 6+ quake.
That has now occurred 4 times in a row, no coincidence because is just PLATE MOVEMENT!
Sure there is more behind all this, this movement has an even more vast pattern connected to magma in the region.. Alaska buoy events and ending by 7+ quakes in the Americas.
If you look back at the past three 7+ quakes in the Americas you'll see within a week prior there was that very adjustment by Java, Indonesia.
All that data is covered in this thread:
Thread: Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas

What's going on is that the plates in the western Pacific around Indonesia are folding.. in turn puts pressure on the Americas.
With lower Central America and upper South America actually being on the MOVE which equals BAD NEWS for that area very soon.
Pressure is put on North America as well for increased activity but not as severe as the lower Americas.
The signs of this keeps increasing now even with Maine in the mix as explained above.

Here is a screenshot of buoy data at the time during the recent 7+ quake in Costa Rica.

Buoy in event mode by Costa Rica makes sense being there was an earthquake there but why by the Caribbean and off of North Carolina as well?
Recent evidence is showing that as the lower Americas is moving west towards the breaking Indonesian plates that it's pulling the Caribbean down behind it also.
Pressure is building in that region and for whatever reason Maine also is an area that is feeling the affects of all this movement.
The two Maine quakes after adjustments by Indonesia give credibility to that statement.

All this is very clear to me, so much so that I've already made an accurate prediction based upon this data:

Back on 8/31 I posted this image:

Stated this:
"There are two possible things which are possible.
The western Pacific still has more pressure to release, resulting in more earthquakes in the short term.

OR.. the sequence shall continue just like last time.
As the Pacific further compresses.. the pressure point has now moved to the other side of the Pacific, the Americas.
I showed the area of concern in the image above, anywhere within that box.
Specially I'd be most concerned anywhere from California down to the bottom of Central America.
For swarms and/or at least one 7+ earthquake.. in which would release the pressure.

One of those two will happen in the short term.
Short term as in less than two weeks but honestly could be much sooner, perhaps within a couple days.
I personally feel that the Americas are now in for it based upon all this vast data but could be either."

Source: Thread: Plate movement watch underway! Java buoy going wild.. again! (Page 8)

The outcome..
Turned out instead of one option happening, both happened fairly shortly:

"The western Pacific still has more pressure to release, resulting in more earthquakes in the short term":

I said more pressure needed to be released.. which happened in the EXACT same location as the Seafloor rise buoy event!
Notice the location of the seafloor rise next to the location of the earthquake swarm:


To further show what I mean notice the longitude of the buoy and one of the earthquakes.. both are 113 degrees east.
Buoy details: [link to www.ndbc.noaa.gov]
6.4 quake details: [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

and then this happened, the 7+ quake within the area and time frame I warned :

So where are we now?
Well after the last three Indonesia adjustments within a week there was a 7+ quake in the lower Americas.
I don't see any reason why that won't happen again soon as pressure is about to be directed on that very region once again.
I would even say myself that it WILL happen and be more severe of an adjustment over the prior ones.

This spooky thing happened to me as I was working on this thread:

Perhaps we all will be freaked out from the next adjustment, right in time for Halloween eh?

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