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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle Strawberrymittens
Post Content
Where do you think the next big quake will be after the Canada 7.7 quake OP?
 Quoting: skyblau

I kinda see Bending doing a bit of a panic dance as he tries to make his latest youtube update.

Buoys are going apeshit all over, so I can't connect any dots based on the system he's laid out. Granted I'm not as smart as him about it though.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7314441

No panic here.

Don't worry.. I will post all the data laid out.
Months ago I spoke about this area.
Also is at the same latitude of certain important steps.
Current buoy activity is the result of the earthquake, unlike the Indonesian adjustments previously.

I'm still compiling data, it'll be a bit longer but I promise it'll be clear and worth it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2143478

You completely predicted this earthquake over here on the West Coast - well done. Can't wait to see your next update. Take your time! :)
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