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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content

First things first.. the pattern has continued for the 4th time in a row.


Lets get it started...

10/15-10/24 Sequence leading to Costa Rica quake

Step 1 Java, Indonesia seafloor/plate adjustment, 315 meters.. starting 10/15 completion 10/17:


Which affected magma in the region causing volcanic plumes to erupt at Raung volcano (East-Java, Indonesia).
A couple days later the alert level at Raung volcano was raised to 3 out of 4.
[link to www.volcanodiscovery.com]
[link to www.volcanodiscovery.com]

Step 2 Buoy event showing movement by Alaska's Aleutian Islands screenshot taken on 10/23:


Where as this event by Alaska was tiny it did happen following in step with the sequential pattern.
When this occurred I made a statement on the morning of the 23rd:

ahhh here we go
there is now a buoy in event mode in Alaska
[link to www.ndbc.noaa.gov]
 Quoting: NiNzrez 24399306

Fascinating eh?

This now makes 4 times in a row following Indonesia adjustments.
I just uploaded a screenshot, I hope the mods approve right before I go to bed.
 Quoting: bendinglight

Here we go..
Finally got the screenshot so now I'll give a mini update.

The event was tiny but did indeed happen which made 4 times in a row within days following Indonesian events.

The buoy that just went into event mode by Alaska was the SAME buoy that went into event mode right before the Costa Rica large earthquake.

 Quoting: bendinglight

Again that quote was in the morning of the 23rd.
Step two in the pattern affected a specific buoy in which last time lead to the 7.6 Costa Rica earthquake on 9/5.

Others knew what was next following step two:

Four buoys going crazy now, including the Alaska buoy. All the steps indicated by Bending Light are now in place for more earthquake activity somewhere between California and Chile. Take care down there - Bending Light's been right quite a few times now!
 Quoting: Flora 1565483

holy crap! This is crazy amazing!
Everything OP has predicted keeps coming true and happening!
Im amazed and scared at the same time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26164989

Sure enough just a few hours later...

Step 3 10/24 6.5 Costa Rica earthquake
Thread: 6.6 Earthquake Costa Rica
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

That marks the 4th time in a row this sequential pattern was spot on!

There is yet another AMAZING connection I would like to point out between the 6.5 and 7.6 Costa Rica earthquakes.

What do both Costa Rica earthquakes have in common?
- Hours before the earthquake a specific buoy off of Alaska went into event mode
- EXACTLY 7 days prior to both quakes a large plate adjustment completed by Java, Indonesia!
8/29 - 9/5 and 10/17 - 10/24

Is that spooky or what! This same pattern 4 times in a row and these clear connections don't just randomly happen!

Okay now the 7.7 Canada earthquake that happened today.
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

I need to go back to explain this.

As you can see here, I have the North Pacific labeled "hinge point":


Remember that tricky ol buoy by Alaska with I just wrote about as seen here:


It's not the first time I've talked about this area.
I've covered it way back in August.

Here is a cut quote from 8/19:

Today there was a 4.6 Earthquake off the Coast of Alaska which isn't odd.. however in the near EXACT position of the earthquake a buoy tsunami station went into event mode of about 50 meters!

Yes 50 meters of water column height displacement right next to an Earthquake.
See for yourself below:

Buoy details:

I personally believe this is significant and I'll explain why.
By studying information.. earthquakes etc I believe the recent earthquakes and buoy activity is NOT normal.
These just aren't earthquakes.. i believe it's actual plate movement of the whole Northern Pacific that IS GOING to lead to more!

That buoy is showing deep earth movement in that location.
There will be a break free of the Earth's plates causing this next event.

So this is what I believe is going on.
After the events of April 11/12 the Earth changed more than we know.
I believe also it did indeed create a jam or hinge within the Earth's plates.

However slowly it's starting to break free now.
The hinge is in the Northern Pacific.
There is whole WESTWARD movement of that entire region and the Alaskan/Buoy eventing area.. is a fault break point of some kind which is in between the recent quakes off Washington and Russia.
I will show what I mean below:

The yellow dot on the left is the 7.7 earthquake off of Russia.
The orange dot on the right is the 5.5 off of Washington.


I personally believe BEFORE any other significant Earth changes occur that there will be more signs and events in this region.
I believe this is what's been holding everything up.

This image below is what I believe is the area to watch for.
The red line represents an area of PRESSURE and increased possibility of earthquakes as this movement continues.
Within the yellow box is where I'd look for more buoy activity and or earthquake swarms as a possible sign.

Northern California, off the Coast of Washington/Vancouver island, Japan and off the coast of Russia I believe are the areas specifically of pressure points.
Alaska within the square is the unknown region of possibility.. although I would guess to say to look for more odd buoy activity and quakes swarms as a sign within that region.

When sfan will happen?
I don't know although the signs certainly are picking up as why I put this thread together.
If I were to guess I would say to look out in that area for the next couple months for some major signs.

There of course has been preparing.
As one example recently sensors have been set up to sound tsunami warning for Vancouver Island.
Here is the source: [link to www.timescolonist.com]

Keep a watch the areas stated.. the evidence is building.
 Quoting: bendinglight

Okay here's my summary...

First this image:

That box is the general area where all the buoy events involved in the plate movement pattern have been.

Secondly this image:

Compare to the recent Canada earthquake:

Almost same location!

How about the specific buoy I was talking about:

To recently:

Same exact buoy!

Notice all the similarities!

Here's my theory and conclusion..
After the 4 previous plate movement sequences throughout the Pacific.. each time involved evidence with buoy data off of Alaska.
I warned of this area months ago as a hinge point.. and gave possible resulting pressure points one of which was "off the Coast of Washington/Vancouver island".
From all the movement.. pressure built up and was just released off the coast of Canada.
The real question now is this.. was this the hinge point being broken as warned?
I believe it's a very real possibility.
If so it would now mean more pressure throughout the Americas.
Cali down to Chile, mainly lower Central America and Upper South America very well now be free to move.
Basically taking this sequence but having step 3 now in for it!
Also New Madrid could be affected by this but not as much as the other regions above.

Again ALL this is based upon PATTERNS of earthquake and buoy events. I also take previous forecasts that have come true and expand upon it moving forward.
Should be interesting now to say the least.
 Quoting: bendinglight


Well I am now without Tsunami Buoy Station 53046 as they shut it down right after the Costa Rica earthquake on 10/24.
It completed the 4th sequence in a row.. just because they turned the buoy off doesn't mean plate movement will stop though.

I am without the most important data from Java, Indonesia where everything starts, sucks but I must go on.
I really dislike making assumptions because I'm very data ordinated but today I'm going to make a guess based upon what data is left.

So lets work with what we have...

I few ago as stated above I said this:

"After the 4 previous plate movement sequences throughout the Pacific.. each time involved evidence with buoy data off of Alaska.
Cali down to Chile, mainly lower Central America and Upper South America very well now be free to move.
Basically taking this sequence but having step 3 now in for it!
Also New Madrid could be affected by this but not as much as the other regions above."

In short.. without data from step one I talked about each sequence must be involved with step 2 as in buoy activity off of Alaska before step three can occur.
That's pretty much what I have left to work with in dealing with limited data.

So take a look at what happened today.. again the same buoy that went into event mode right before the previous two Costa Rica quakes is now in event mode again.
Also I would like to point out again that's it's at nearly the same latitude as the event 7.7 Canada earthquake.
Buoy location is at 52.6 N


So being I don't know what is going on by Java Indonesia (feed off), there are two resulting possibilities.

1: The sequence shall continue:


As in step 3 location on the move with resulting pressure anywhere from Guatemala down to Chile for increased activity and 7+.


2: Or an adjustment needs to take place in the Northern Pacific.

Remember these images from back in August:


The red line being possible pressure points.
My best guess would that after Canada had the 7.7 in a westward movement that there still needs to be another adjustment in the North Pacific.

Areas of concern would be.. Northern Cali, off the coast of Washington/Canada.
Higher concern would be off the Coast of Russia or Japan and also Alaskan region.
For at very least 6+ but probably 7+ especially in the areas of higher concern.
Should affect multiple buoys as well.

Those are the two opinions, I am torn between the two because I have no data from the Java, Indonesia buoy.
Nonetheless I'm confident that one of those two options will happen soon.
The ultimate event would be both happening, first in the Northern Pacific then with the lower Americas happening.
After all, the Northern Pacific is indeed the "hinge".
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