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Message Subject Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Poster Handle yeahsure
Post Content

Well I am now without Tsunami Buoy Station 53046 as they shut it down right after the Costa Rica earthquake on 10/24.
It completed the 4th sequence in a row.. just because they turned the buoy off doesn't mean plate movement will stop though.

I am without the most important data from Java, Indonesia where everything starts, sucks but I must go on.
I really dislike making assumptions because I'm very data ordinated but today I'm going to make a guess based upon what data is left.

So lets work with what we have...

I few ago as stated above I said this:

"After the 4 previous plate movement sequences throughout the Pacific.. each time involved evidence with buoy data off of Alaska.
Cali down to Chile, mainly lower Central America and Upper South America very well now be free to move.
Basically taking this sequence but having step 3 now in for it!
Also New Madrid could be affected by this but not as much as the other regions above."

In short.. without data from step one I talked about each sequence must be involved with step 2 as in buoy activity off of Alaska before step three can occur.
That's pretty much what I have left to work with in dealing with limited data.

So take a look at what happened today.. again the same buoy that went into event mode right before the previous two Costa Rica quakes is now in event mode again.
Also I would like to point out again that's it's at nearly the same latitude as the event 7.7 Canada earthquake.
Buoy location is at 52.6 N


So being I don't know what is going on by Java Indonesia (feed off), there are two resulting possibilities.

1: The sequence shall continue:


As in step 3 location on the move with resulting pressure anywhere from Guatemala down to Chile for increased activity and 7+.

I am torn between the two because I have no data from the Java, Indonesia buoy.
Nonetheless I'm confident that one of those two options will happen soon.

 Quoting: bendinglight


OP predicted it again!

Just about a week ago by following the plate movement sequence said "The sequence shall continue.... As in step 3 location on the move with resulting pressure anywhere from Guatemala down to Chile for increased activity and 7+."

Now this just happened!

Thread: 7.5 quake Guatemala

The next 7+ quake since OPs post was just now in Guatemala the very starting place said had resulting pressure and there would be a 7+ earthquake!!!!

Right on again!

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