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Message Subject I got to witness a B1 bomber do a barrel roll over my head this weekend... video to prove it :D
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I live in Wichita and we had our annually Airshow this past weekends. I went Saturday with my family to the AFB. Sunday made it to Cessna park north and west of McConnell AFB for this B1's 2nd pass and it was like every other B1 flyover...awesome! But the third pass brought it right over the park and climbing above it to mine and everyone else's amazement the B1 executes an amazingly rare barrel roll over East Wichita. I have seen a houndred B1 and hundreds of flybys and this was a first. Always wanted to see this and I got lucky. Not my video this was shot about a mile from where I was at to the east.

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Saw a B1 at an airshow in Ottawa maybe 10 years ago. He did a similar barrel roll as the video posted which was awesome to see.

Also did a short runway takeoff with the afterburners that set off every car alarm in the parking lot! Double awesome.
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