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Demons, Animal Spirits & The Industrial Revolution

Frater Alejandro
User ID: 24859771
United States
10/03/2012 02:28 AM
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Demons, Animal Spirits & The Industrial Revolution
Hello GLP,

Hope things are going very well within each and everyone of your lives. Lately, I've been under the weather which in turn has given me a great amount of time to rest. I've been reading some of Aleister Crowley's work after misjudging him thanks to political propaganda! The man, is a true genuine genius and I respect his works of thought and practical studies. Magick 1-2, for anyone whom has never read his materials! Great start and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Just a couple of hours ago, I awoke from a very vivid dream which involved Demons, Animal Spirits & The Industrial Revolution. I'd like to add, almost as a foot note that I do in fact have Astral Awareness to a certain degree, then again most people do; weather they realize it or not. Things happen in my dreams and they reflect themselves out on the physical plane like clockwork. There are many different examples I can provide, such as one which occurred this Monday. Either or, I'd really like your opinion based on the following material which derived from the dream world just a couple of minutes ago. I thought perhaps this would be the perfect forum or message board to create such a post.

Folks, I had a dream there was about to be a Zombie like plague. During this dream, I managed to get suckered into a trap by 2 very powerful beings. It turns out the beings which took me hostage and away from the city in which people were living out their lives were actually Demons. These beings were very scary looking and gave off the same type of attitude a bank robber would reflect upon his very own hostages. Somehow, I seem to have found the courage inside of myself to question their action towards myself and the worlds population. By chance, I managed to communicate with as much emotion as I could have done within the world of the archetypes and it worked! The Demons, which were in the form of what one would consider hideous; look no further than the faces one sees within a slow motion explosion; turned into two of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen.

I am sure many of you are familiar with Pokemon, and I hate to use the child like reference here but its probably the best analogy I can provide, considering Christianity themselves have aligned Pokemon Cartoons to Demonology. Going on; After removing the fear from my psyche, which is usually a common problem within most of my dreams - the Demons turned into their original form. Now, I clearly remember asking them respectfully to change their form into something I could tolerate. I remembered several Magickians writing about this act, so in the heat of the moment it came out very naturally. One of the beings transformed itself into a very beautiful White Falcon with very distinct symbols on its back! The bird itself did not appear to be regular sized though much taller than any bird I've ever seen in person. The other Demon transformed itself into what I can only parallel to a Red Panda. The Fur and Feathers which came to life from their beings were incredibly beautiful and out of this world. Perhaps I could compare their color and texture to a compression of what one might be able to see while under a dose of Dimethyltryptamine. These animals were truly beautiful and I was entirely stunned at the fact that I'd finally had a dream which turned completely around.

They began to explain to me that the Industrial Revolution was the root cause of the games of Fear. Somehow, these intelligences once roamed the dream world, perhaps the still roam the Astral World; Astral being a blanket term for all energy existing outside of the fixed 400-700 nano meters of light on the visible spectrum chart which the human eyes are privileged to observe. They explained the world was once perfectly balanced and they lived in harmony as Animal like Spirits. Of course, not just animals but very intelligent creatures of God's creation. Much like we as humans make scary faces and have violent reactions when we are cornered, so do they! It seems they have been pushed into a corner due to Mankind's ignorance of their very existence. The lack of respect we have towards nature and the lack of respect most of the population has for themselves have resulted in them to kick into self defense mode, as anything under God's creation naturally would. The games of Fear are only the result of ignorance and the lack of balance between their world and ours which are directly paralleled to each other! Meaning, while we go shopping at Whole Food's Market for example, there was or is already an established community of beings which inhabited the area, much like the physical animals that were living in the forest like quarter or region which the concrete foundation was cast upon. It's very simple folks, we fucked up and now we have made very beautiful beings angry.

To sum it all up; it does seem clear to me now that something very spiritual is occurring within the mind of man and for those of us lucky enough to be aware of the transformation at hand, my only advice is - be prepared mentally and learn to adapt to survive. Everything in this world and the next has a reason for being in existence - believe in unity and it shall come to pass.

Extra Tips; As awkward as this may seem to some of you - being a topic of Taboo naturally. The lack of ejaculation actually helps and or improves ones ability to recall their dreams. I had been playing around with this over the past year and the results continue to be very consistent. I hate to say it, but if we can learn how to respect ourselves again - we might be able to meet our highest of selves half way. Reading all of this which I just wrote, expressing the mind is pure communication and a revaluation of knowledge attained.

Peace be with you all! Love. -Alex.

Ps; Check out my friend Devin Petroff's Youtube link for Live Action Invocations, unseen anywhere else.
[link to www.youtube.com]

Have any of you had similar experiences which can confirm some of which I have written here this evening? Thank You. Sincerely. - Frater Alejandro.
Frater Alejandro (OP)
User ID: 24859771
United States
10/03/2012 04:54 PM
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Re: Demons, Animal Spirits & The Industrial Revolution
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