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What if I said...

User ID: 23334172
United States
10/03/2012 05:43 AM
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What if I said...
...One day, I truly want to become president..

I am 23 years old,I have 3 years service,and a 1 year deployment in Afghanistan.

I am currently about to enroll in January into CWU and take the ROTC program to become a military officer.

I do not believe in communism, but I do believe the government should provide, but not in the sense that most of us think.

I would propose ideas such as "community gardens", in the sense of accessible earth grown sources of Nutrition.
(essentially, a "trail mix" assortment of foods abundantly grown amongst populated areas). Now this is not communism, this is giving everyone a fair chance at nutrition regardless of race, education, and how much money you make.

We have been lied to about what nutrition is, hence the obesity and heart failure epidemic(along with many other failed nutrition types of diagnosis)

I would direct Government funds towards the reconstruction of our roads and school systems, as well as creating an organization in which a system can be implemented that which people are put to work building houses with American resources, creating a circular flow currency within our country.

I have a lot of more great ideas I would rather not discuss, as it involves paradigm shift. Though some of us are ready for it now : D

My end game goal is politic and the base of my thought is that everyone is entitled to your own decision making so long as it does no prohibit others harmfully.

We need a president who promotes healthy lifestyle, a president for the people..

We need a president in Fear of God.
User ID: 1449081
10/03/2012 06:30 AM
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Re: What if I said...
Or in love of god.

Fear is so like, yesterday.
User ID: 930406
10/03/2012 06:38 AM
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Re: What if I said...
we need to cancel fear completely

god is dead -nietsche