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Message Subject Wow! I don't know if this is "the nobody" but it's absolutely amazing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow is right. I totally agree. Now that was enlightening as enlightening things go.

I'd like to say there is one thing that sticks with me the most but there are so many that I'm just going to grab at what seems to be the most significant one:

The idea of the "technology paradigm" being the reason for all history during the past 100 years. That's one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen. I've really never seen anybody describe history with that perspective.

Doomsday weapons... even beyond the biological / nuclear ones we already kind of know about. Some sort of other physics / directed energy that's even more powerful and kept secret.

I love it! I'd like to say I've just received my first real education, ever. Of course GLP has been good to show me things I'd never seen before (after sifting through the 90% garbage that is), but then GLP also showed me this site so...

There was also this fascinating description of the human endocrine system and how master level knowledge of how to manipulate that is how human beings are governed today. Fascinating!

I feel fucking empowered as hell with this knowledge! Fuck yeah!
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