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Message Subject Is anyone else having dreams of great flooding happening in California or an earthquake happening
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No I dreamed of frogs big huge frogs one jumped off the tree limb it was on and sounded like a man landed.

When it went back up the tree onto a branch and huge big lizard came up on it pulling it from its branch.

The frogs and the lizards were massive healthy fat and actually not hostile. The lizards were crawling up on the frogs back and laying on them.

There was this flat fat massive colossal frog with a same size lizard stretched out on it....and the frogs face was under the lizards face like it was wearing a lizard hat. Like the wolf head coverings.

It was like some kind of whole new world.

There was this man who brought me peppers never could see him but I took the peppers. He told me my brown mushrooms were not doing to well so he gave me peppers.

It was a fun dream.

I was walking through the land it was my dad's house and land he is dead now.

I felt somethings brush my leg and it was his dog. Dad buried his dog about 4 days before he died. There was other dogs and animals as well they were all young fat and healthy again.

I was alone and looked up and the sky was orange red and dark blue....and I was thinking of dad I know this is the way it is to be.

And I thought I know I need to go to.
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