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Message Subject Is anyone else having dreams of great flooding happening in California or an earthquake happening
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
last night I dreamed I was in the ocean swimming and came upon a mermaid
Later on in the dream I was swimming and it was dusk when I saw her again
This time she was sick and dying
I asked her what was wrong and she said we were all going to die
I told her the 12/21/12 thing wasn't about us that it may happen to a future generation but not us
She said that we were those people, we are those people, and we will be those people
I have no clue what she was talking about other than maybe in the past we went through this ending, we will go through it now, and in the future we will again?
Any ideas on what she meant are appreciated
I have had recurring end of world type dreams since I was a small child
Last significant ones were 2 dreams I had 2 years ago where 2 different people came to me in my dream telling me we only had 2 years left
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