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Message Subject Is anyone else having dreams of great flooding happening in California or an earthquake happening
Poster Handle Anonymous
Post Content
I also have premonitions, and dreams interlaced with important messages. I can have visions while pumping gas or doing any mundane task where my mind tends to wonder off. I come from a Christian background and although my family was freaked out at first they now heed my dreams and warnings and give them much thought. I do not live in fear and will never live in fear of what is to come, but simply share my visions as they reveal themselves to me.

To answer your question, I have also seen a large earthquake as recently as last night, but cannot place where it is to occur or when so I cannot help there. I have a friend who had a vision of one happening possibly in January, in or near Ohio. That is all I know of that particular occurrence. For years I have seen a really devastating tidal wave off the coast (maybe the west coast) but for some reason I see my area flooding as well and I'm in Western North Carolina, so I'm not sure why I see that. I just remember it being very terrifying and a lot of people being unprepared and running. I also saw a tidal wave or water flooding that looked like it was in China or something a couple of years ago. I remember seeing ships and everything being strewn all over the place and people scrambling to higher ground and some taking shelter in a highrise parking deck. I remember the aftermath of seeing people looking for loved ones and searching through debris. Anyway, I just thought I would share and let you know that you are not alone and although I can't give much more detail, I wanted to at least share what I have been shown. Again, I choose to live happily not matter what comes my way, but it is interesting to see that other people are having similar dreams and premonitions. Take care!
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