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Message Subject Is anyone else having dreams of great flooding happening in California or an earthquake happening
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Last night I dreamt that I was on the 101 freeway (just past the 405) but it looked different. As in, instead of being the mostly even and flat road it is at the juncture it had a somewhat steep climb to it and the mountains were much closer, right alongside it kind of like they are on the 405 when you head towards UCLA, etc. Anyhow, I wasn't driving and I was very nervous in the passenger seat telling the driver I thought we should go another way when a gigantic wave came up as if it was going to topple over the freeway. The driver seemed unphased and said it was nothing to worry about, but then it rose back up, larger, and larger until it was cresting overhead what appeared to be at least 100 feet up and then I "jumped" into another level of my dream.

I wouldn't classify this as a tsunami dream, but it is the 4th vivid wave/tsunami type dream (all of which took place in Southern California) I have had since August of 2011. I never had dreams like these before then. Three of them have been since July of 2012. I'm fairly certain there are more of them than I am actually recalling as they would leave me so terrified that I eventually begged my guides to block my memory of them upon waking. These are just the ones that got through anyways.
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