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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle 141
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Couldn't agree more...
Also my sentiment... Just felt like such sadness in the waves, a crying in the wind, a longing from Eart itself...
But not to cling to... More like discovering it, embracing it and letting go...
And my thought was, hmmm perhaps if all help (or all with who this resonate) we'll get the crying done, and the healing started... Joy will come
Thanks for sharing <3
 Quoting: 141

Just leave in the now. No need to discover or embrace the past, it is gone and the only existence it still has is in your emotions, memories.

If you live in the now, healing is learning to distance and learning to distance is to learn to live in the moment.
 Quoting: Sandrose

Agreed, still many images of the past clings to the collective field of rememberence, imho
And, yes, no need to dive into those images, bc in the first place they were only put there for us to forget our true nature...
Yet the path to the true mirror, from where our true nature reveils itself, goes in through...
Not that the story behind the images needs to unfold (as it is connected with the cage of the ego and the limited way we sometimes perceive ourself), only that we need to become aware of where it is that those images (calling them images, but they are connected with all senses) hold us back, imho that is needed before we truly can let go...
From there the images will dissolve naturally, and our true nature will grow in its own flow...
Many times, i have seen those limitations appear like crystals in the etheric, astral and mental fields... Like some sort of cage that prohibit rememberence and natural flow...
Before these can be removed (de-programming) they need to be detected
Otherwise the person will just perceive them as part of reality, and not as the articifal constraints put there in order for her/him to fit better into this box the 'system'

There is no need for the person to go into deoth with the storylines of these 'crystal' as they are not real, seen with the eye of pure truth, but it is necessary for her/him to feel where the restraint is and to breathe through it
Tears do a wonderfull job for this, as laughter does too
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