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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle Qarley
Post Content

As always, thank you for your words. I hope they inspire many as they do me. Thank you for the reminder that pain is love. That through it we can come to the conclusion of who we are. That there are reasons we feel the way we do. And that in the end love will bring us all back together. It is so important these days. So many people are caught up with all the things that went wrong. It's okay to cry. Let go of it truly so you can wake up refreshed and able to love once more. To help someone else in pain. And remember why we shed our tears in the first place

Hi my loved friend
Thanks for sharing your loving presence and your deep insight here...
Yes in this duality pain is a reality, pain of separateness, pain from the resistance of the body and soul walking the path to a deeper truth...
When we touch eachothers heart, when we are there for eachother, for real, it doesn't come without a price, without a wound and a pain...
Yet the pain is just a rememberence for our own heart of the true depth and the true love it is able to feel...
And truly, no greater joy than to share and to relate from heart to heart...

Love and hugs
 Quoting: Qarley

Yes, I recently found the balance in the pain. The conundrum. Its okay to get down from time to time. Nobody is happy 24/7... But that is okay. It is a sign of balance. The swing of the pendulum. Too many people will try to put you down when you "have a bad day" but its ok as long as its in balance. This place is dualistic. It's in our nature to feel different things. People who can't realize this just get angry and lash out at anything and everything. Your words remind. But knowledge can only be head by those who are listening.
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