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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle 141
Post Content

So happy to hear, had been thinking about you, and if ok, I will send some more healing?
And if you need/want you may share your dreams
 Quoting: 141

Thanks 141 your so nice hugs

the 1st dream was me and some other kids buying lots of candy and junk food, in my dream I ate some cake it I could taste it too. these days I can feel pain ect in my dreams, theyre very life like. so anyways we bought tons of snacks. but we ended up getting in a fight because they took my dounuts and wouldnt give it back lol. weird dream ^^
 Quoting: hithereimS

OK.. I just share what i got out of it... and please remember to feel inside of that makes any sense to you, bc truly you know what is right in your life.. Always

For me the candy are like all the goddies that this world lures you with, can be a new iphone, som trendy new clothes, a new car all that... you get the idea
Not that there are any thing wrong with these things, just many of us get caught up in it, like an obsession, which makes us run faster and faster, to have nice toys...
The fight symbolizes the way we can become separated from eachother, people that we truly love, bc we get so obsessed with that race...
The pain, is like your soul and spirit calling, calling you to go inwards, to listen deeper, to begin remember yourself on a deeper level... And the pain is your friend... Once you accept that the pain is there, it changes and become more of a guide, a pathfinder into your true self...

And now you see if any of this makes sense, could be all blah blah lol
 Quoting: 141

I love beautiful things I do but lately I havent gotten any new toys I kinda miss getting new things but lately more than anything I wanna see the people I love but everyone is far away out of reach and im stuck in my box. Im trying to be patient hoping one day I will get out but im scared. What if there is no place for me. I got weird feelings i know.
 Quoting: hithereimS

Nothing weird about you or your feelings...
It is easy to get scared in this world, the medias are filled with scary stuff, even most of the world are just peacefull people talking, like we are now...
We just let it fill our minds, that's all...
You are lovely and perfect as you are, you just need to remember, sweetheart...
Perhaps you just need to build up your relationship to yourself, trusting who you are...
What is the box you are stuck in?
(just tell me if I ask too many questions, you are not obliged to answer, I love you just as much <3)
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