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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
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Ah thanks for asking, have been a nice day, started out with taking a walk to the Ocean (only 5 mins walking from here, always love it by the sea, just to walk and empty my mind... Love the smell of rainy days too, visited a good friend, who have 2 kids and we had a nice evening... Then talked with my love (which lives in the US) and now I'm here in nice company, so really a joyful day... :o)
 Quoting: 141

Sounds like a really nice day :) ive never seen th ocean in real life before. I wanna see it one day fish
 Quoting: hithereimS

Yes it was really... Am planning to move to the US, bc I have fallen in love with a woman there, near Champaign, Illinois... A nice little town with great nature... I'll probably miss the Ocean, bc it is truly amazing, I always go down there, and just talk a little with it, might sound crazy, but I really love it...
Hope you get to see the Ocean one day, how far do you live from it?
 Quoting: 141

aww thats great :D you gonna marry her?, and I dont think its crazy at all sometimes the best talks i have are with no one at all or maybe someone is listening good or bad. and I dont know how far from the ocean I am hehe I live in michigan so I guess im kinda far from it but not that far.

 Quoting: hithereimS

Yes, gonna spend the rest of my life with her, that i know for sure... <3
Makes perfect sense to me, conversations with yourself... Opens the inner world...
I know for sure that I'll go to the Ocean once in a while, no matter how far it is...
You can just come along with us sun
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