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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle Cutbait
Post Content
Such a wonderful poem and message 141

So nice to see that so many here have the courage to acknowledge accept and hold on to the ability to deeply feel.

It does seem that the deepest pain and sorrow is a cry from the soul calling us back to our true essence.
I just hope we can learn use love joy and laughter as a gentler path. It all goes down to balance I guess. Those very deep feelings will never lie to me. To suppress them, all is a wasted lie

That goat video does still crack me up to this day 141.

Loved the post of baby laughing at bubbles video on page 1 by Unit3.
I guess for balance I post a somber video

[link to www.youtube.com]

Much courage it takes to face and embrace all, with grace.

Honored to be in the presence of such grace.

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