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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content

Finding words to share,
Such beautiful Hearts laid bare,

Opens corridors and portals,
For everyone.....including mortals.

Layers and layers of stuff to process,
Always thinking you've found the best.

What a delight to realize,
There is so much more before your eyes.

Light Blue has been speaking to me,

I asked......Who are you?
Oh, I'm beauty, love, softness, gentleness
And all the rest.

So I looked some more.
Imagine my surprise to also find,

Magic, giggly bubbles and wonderment,
In a trauma-laced mind.

Still pulling together its million pieces,
Scattered all over the Universe,

Of before coming here, while here,
And also in the future, my dear.

So Light Blue envelopes me,
With bubbly giggles and such.

Here's an image that captures it,

[link to www.crystals11.com]

And here is how it feels (worth listening to even if you can't see it)

[link to youtu.be]

This discussion about looking at our stuff, reminded me of an incident I had years ago. A friend told me that I acted like the world owes me.

I remember being surprised because I hadn't thought it or felt that way for at least 10 years when she said it. Yes, the stuff clings until it's detected and let go of. I agree!

And going through it dissolves it in my experience. Painting, drawing, writing poetry, talking about it, composing or playing music, role-playing also help....along with laughter and tears.

**Dedicated to 141, you make my heart sing!**

 Quoting: Unit3

Your heart shows, more and more for every day, every moment, where I have the fortune to know you
Your words are like love, rememberence of joy and days in the sun filled with laughter, nights gazing at the stars filled with dreams and poetry...

Light blue speaks... Gabriel perhaps?

Love to you

 Quoting: 141

I don't know yet. Have felt connected to Michael for a long time. I don't feel our connecting with each other is an accident. I am blessed beyond riches of the world to have you for a friend.

Loving you

 Quoting: Unit3

Then we are both blessed by this kind loving relation <3
Well it could be Michael, he was in my mind too, just the light blue made me think a little different, but it resonates...
Well Michael is a bold warrior of the heart, just like you, that bravehearted and honorable energy are highly needed in this world...
Here at the doorstep to a miraculous time
 Quoting: 141

Maybe Michael is helping me know Gabriel? It certainly is a whole new thing. I'll see if I can find out, heh!

Yes, the doorstep to a miraculous time, indeed!

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