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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content

Wow! Thank you kind friend. I don't feel to start threads right now. I like to follow your lead and stay within the sacred space you provide.

I've been feeling vulnerable lately and a little unsure about myself. You're the first person who has ever been open to my heart so this is new to me.

 Quoting: Unit3

furthermore, you should try threads.... When I come to 141's threads i always read your responses
 Quoting: Qarley

Thanks so much for sharing this. It makes me happy. I ran across you in another thread and admired you so much that I've always remembered your name and avatar.

I get beat up in other threads so often, I don't post much. And it's not the comments that bother me as much as not being heard. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, 141 threads are the only place where it doesn't happen so I'm content to post here for now. And it makes things simple because then I only have to check these threads.......because I spend a lot of time outside. I get tired of being on the computer. :o)
 Quoting: Unit3

yeah, people can be rude. i ignore it. just the same as the ignore me and my love. same here though friend, i remember your name as well and look forward to reading your words
 Quoting: Qarley

It's funny, I used to ignore it, but right now, I can't. It feels like I'm opening up to a new, vulnerable place. So, I just don't want to deal with that stuff right now.

There is a place inside that feels raw. I want to FEEL it and not scab it over.....which I might be tempted to do.

Give me a couple of days though, you might find me posting in other threads. And thanks for inviting me, hehe!

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