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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle 141
Post Content
Such a wonderful poem and message 141

So nice to see that so many here have the courage to acknowledge accept and hold on to the ability to deeply feel.

It does seem that the deepest pain and sorrow is a cry from the soul calling us back to our true essence.
I just hope we can learn use love joy and laughter as a gentler path. It all goes down to balance I guess. Those very deep feelings will never lie to me. To suppress them, all is a wasted lie

That goat video does still crack me up to this day 141.

Loved the post of baby laughing at bubbles video on page 1 by Unit3.
I guess for balance I post a somber video

[link to www.youtube.com]

Much courage it takes to face and embrace all, with grace.

Honored to be in the presence of such grace.

 Quoting: Cutbait

Hi Cutbait...
Deeply resonate with your words and the sentiment behind, that the pain is a call for rememberence and from our true nature, waking up...
Like you said, such depth does not lie... It is real...
That it will happen balanced and peacefully is my deep hope too, that video you posted was so beautiful, and shows which beauty, love and grace we humans are capable of...
Just the last two weeks, and especially this last two days, I really feel great changes to the better...
Not that I will make predictions, bc don't think anyone could know exactly how all of this is coming down and predictions have a tendency to limit and to impose certain images into the collective...
Just sharing what sensed, that hearts are opening up, profoundly, more and more need to follow that deep call from within, whether it's painfull or however it appears
Always take glp as a micro-mirror for this world, and yesterday I really noticed how much energy there was in the loving and truthfully exploring threads, rather than the doom and gloom ones...
Asherah, DoubleHelix and Quarley all made great threads, filled with love and deep resonating, discernment, connecting...
This change is, imho, obvious... And makes me truly happy...
Also your responds always makes me happy, genuine, friendly and deep, I really like you, for real, and like what you stand for
So thanks from the heart for posting here...

And oh yeah... That goat gets me everytime lol even the girlies just ignored it, that goat rock!!! LoL

Love and hugs for you Cut'
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