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Message Subject Cry... Cry and let go... Remember YOU, remember LOVE
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
@ Unit3
Just read and re-read all your posts in here, and it is really remarkable, the depth, love and honesty in what you share...
And you are a poet too...
I appreciate deeply that you share here in these threads, and know that it can be tough with the haters, which tend to stay away from here...
Also I know that with the power you have within, and when you really embrace that, you won't care about those...
Also if its your thread, you can count on that I will not just watch silently if anyone should speak dis-honorable to you...
Just let it be and let me know if you want a pin, there is really such depth in your heart and it would have a deep effect on many, to inspire them to listen within...
Also know that you are loved, from the depth of my heart and should you not post anything anymore (which I certainly hope you will) love remains the same...

You truly are remarkable and your heart shines, reaching many

Love and hugs
 Quoting: 141

Thanks 141. I'm thinking about it.

I like having someone else moderate so I can do what I do. I have more stuff to reveal and just not sure which way to go at this minute. And I expect it to become even more revealing as we go along....know what I mean?

I like it veiled as it is now plus I like watching what happens each day as it helps me see the shifts....the way we are doing it now. It's also fun to see who is drawn in.

Anyway, I truly believe you and I are meant to work together which I realize can happen in threads either one of us start. So, let me think about it.

I'm getting ready to take a walk and will probably know more about which way to go with this crossroads when I get back, LOL!!!!

I guess the question for me, is do I want to start a new thread every day....post in your new threads every day, or start an everlasting type thread. That's how I see it. What say you?

Anything you might have to say, please share it. And don't feel obligated if you feel I need to work this out on my own. I'm also splitting up with my ex and want to work through it slowly and aware. Just throwin' this out there.

Also, I have an impression about you that I wouldn't mind sharing with you. It might shed light on this. Just let me know if and how you might want it shared (public/private)

Thanks for the links to the threads....I'll read them when I get back.

MUCH, MUCH, MUCH......love to you.


P.S. Is it just a need for a pin we're talking about here? If so, I betcha someone would be willing to pin either of our threads. Btw, I know it's gonna explode some where along the way. If the pin helps, that's great. But it will happen no matter how we do it.
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