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Message Subject WAR: Turkish Army Continues To Pound Syria For A 2nd Day In Response To Mortar Strike Across Border!!! Turkey Green-Lights Military Action...
Poster Handle Ravan
Post Content
I am a strong supporter of Romney, however I do believe Obama did so poorly tonight is because he knows WWIII is about to begin. Just sayin'.....
 Quoting: MARsSPEED 20290723

Interesting thought! Obama certainly didn't look like he had his heart into it! The Obama's didn't even have their children there with them at the debate and did you see how they walked off the stage and left the Romneys on the stage. Very strange!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20586262

Thought the same thing like he was worried about something and it wasn't the elections....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20254550

I agree too.

Also yesterday (Wednesday) NATO announced that they've granted Rasmussen another 2 years as Boss.

Usually a NATO secretary general position is limited to 4 years. Rasmussen already was in his 5th year.

Obviously NATO doesn't want a newbie at the moment.

But perhaps this is only done to give the next US president the opportunity to say who is, or who is not leading NATO when he's in office.
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