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Message Subject WAR: Turkish Army Continues To Pound Syria For A 2nd Day In Response To Mortar Strike Across Border!!! Turkey Green-Lights Military Action...
Poster Handle dschis1000
Post Content
How unpredictable lol

Russia/China tell US/Israel you attack Syria its WW3.

Israel/US do not attack Syria, they let one of their proxy countries attack, avoiding WW3. Very slick.

The sanctions are biting Iran hard now, I would expect a coup soon.

Saudi Arabia will have a pandemic, the NWO could be complete by Christmas at this pace.
 Quoting: EXploited 18864159

Until Russia or china nail Turkey. Then what? Nothing....

They could nuke turkey and nobody would do a damn thing.
 Quoting: UNIT21

If someone were dumb enough to do that. It's game on. The Greeks have no love for the Turks and I can assure you if somebody had a big fleet there doing that. They would be right in there. The rest of NATO well goes without saying
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