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Virginia Beach air traffic increasing...

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United States
10/03/2012 04:15 PM
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Virginia Beach air traffic increasing...
The F-18's out of Oceana have been far more active over the past few days, which I'm sure there is a post relating to that already.

However, today, I saw two C-5's flying tandem which I assume came out of Fentress Naval Air Landing Field. While I cannot confirm this, they were maneuvering together in a circular formation one right behind another (in terms when you consider their size, etc.) roughly 10 miles South West of Sandbridge.

Now, the increased traffic at Oceana is purportedly due to the following:

"This increase in flight operations is to support future deployments and training. FCLPs will be conducted at Oceana each day until 10 p.m. These FCLPs would normally be conducted at Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress, but the runway there is closed to fixed-wing air operations while it undergoes necessary repairs and upgrades. The Fentress runway construction is scheduled to be complete by Oct. 15 this year."

[link to www.norfolknavyflagship.com]

Yet, it sure seemed as though this is where the C-5's flew out of. Fentress that is.

Combine this with reports from friends in Pennsylvania that Air Force 1 for the past year has done numerous low flying touch and go's out of Harrisburg International Airport.. eh..

It would appear things are ramping up.