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Message Subject PROPHET has visited in my dream, can someone tell me if his message was legitimate, very confused :/. (DOOM?)
Poster Handle Tired of Selfish People
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Your vision was a true vision. God has spoken to you. Not just because "you believe," as the other poster said. You must have faith before you receive such a revelation, but the revelation does not come simply because or as the result of belief. God really is real and really can speak to people through angels.

I once had an experience where I was walking down the street, late for an appointment. I heard a voice in my head tell me that I needed to talk to every person in front of me on the very busy street I was walking on. The voice told me that the person who told me to come back the next day at 7:00 p.m. really needed my help. I talked to every person I could. Finally, at the end of the street, I met a man who told me to come back the next day aqt 7:00 p.m. He suggested the time, not me. I returned the next day. We became friends. A few weeks later, he showed another friend of mind a noose tied to a tree in his back yard. He said that the day that I stopped to talk to him, he was planning on killing himself. But something about my visit told him to wait. So he waited and waited. But through our friendship, he found reason to live. God spoke to me and it literally saved a man's life.

Do not doubt your vision. Try to treat people with love. But I would recommend not being obnoxious about witnessing to your fellow schoolmates. Treat people well and you will have opportunities to share with them. Read religious books. Your knowledge and ability to be an instrument in God's hands will increase.
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