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Message Subject PROPHET has visited in my dream, can someone tell me if his message was legitimate, very confused :/. (DOOM?)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Last night while attempting to meditate I fell into a deep sleep and I was surrounded by nothing but a white room, stay with me now.. A prophet or some kind of spirit visited me and told me that he (god) was very sad, upset. I asked him why and he began to talk about my generation of children that I was born into. The prophet began to talk about how this generation of kid's are loosing there faith in god and that a lot of us do not even include him into there lives. The prophet said that if we do not have faith then he (God) will also loose faith..

Up until this dream I have never been religious but my whole outlook is now different, I can even see the changes, just the other day a 13 year old girl was telling me about her abortion WHOA! & the disrespect kid's have in my school it's CRAZY, like there is no longer room for a higher authority kid's think of themselves as GOD! & I am just now understanding.. We loose faith, GOD will loose faith, and the sad part is, it's to late.. My generation cannot be saved we just have to sit back and watch the WRATH.

I'm not sure if I am just tripping but I feel like god has shown me the TRUTH and now that I know this truth my whole outlook has changed on this world..

Can someone please explain this all to me, I am very confused.

Does and excuse my language, (Satan) possibly have something to do with this generation, possibly he has a greater influence somehow? wtf
 Quoting: Anon 24409884

Regardless if he made this up or not, this makes sense. I could almost imagine, God feeling the same way, prior to destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, and in Noah's time, prior to destroying the world.
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