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Message Subject ISRAELI ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: A world affairs gamechanger!!
Poster Handle Sir Griffo
Post Content
It will affect the world big time, most notably Europe. A memorandum has been signed between Greece/Israel/Cyprus who also have discovered enormous amounts of oil/gas in their seas/lands. This "energy troika" as it's named by the experts will be completed when Greece declare her exclusive economic zone (EEZ) which both Israel and Cyprus officially recognized, this unification of the 3 EEZ will feed gas in Europe for the next 100 years and big plans about pipelines connecting the 3 countries and then Europe have been announced. Close defense and strategic pacts between the 3 countries have also been signed the last 2-3 years.

But territorial disputes, declared casus beli's from various countries and region instability, dictate that all of this will take place after the big war and change of borders that are expected in the region, it's not safe yet. Main obstacles for now are Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Cyprus is doing the broker between Lebanon and Israel this month so they can move this huge project closer to completion. Syria issue is been taken care off the last 18 months as we all see and the Turkish casus beli declared on Greece/Cyprus if they do actually exploit their resources make things even more complicated.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

I'm glad someone see's the importance of this... Think the Americans have been to wrapped up in deciding which puppet is best to 'run' their country...

This is a major game changer in world affairs.. The Russian's only income stranglehold is about to be cut... And when the bear is starved... We know what happens!!
 Quoting: Sir Griffo

US elections/president doesn't matter, thats the first lesson in the 1st grade of the conspiracy school.hf

The next big and unfortunately inevitable war will be about these oil/gas resources and the water. Mediterranean deposits are the biggest unexploited resources along with the Arctic ones which are a little bigger. They are compared in size and are probably more than the Siberian deposits. Syria, Lebanon have also discovered huge gas deposits in their part of the sea. Russia won't be starved, she's gonna have a big part in it too and she's already buying blocks in these deposits. Who will have the bigger control on these blocks/resources though, remains to be seen after the war.

These resources will be the dawn of a new age in the world energy dept that could potentially make Israel and Greece very big players in the future.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Exactly!! And this is why Greece is being raped by the power houses of Europe at the moment so that they and not Greece will be in prime position to reap the rewards!!
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