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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
I know that speaking out this truth will be extremely difficult for people to accept. The majority will not believe it. It will be attacked by other members of the groups I speak out from. Nevertheless, I feel it my obligation to inform you all of what I know - and at least I have done my part, regardless of whether you believe it or not.

So I will continue.

There is a war going on for your Soul, and your Mind. This war has already been close to won , and your souls and minds are in most cases hopefully lost. There is still hope though, as the forces of good beyond the Sphere in which you exist are still fighting the cause for you. Again I like to draw analogies to what we have around us here on Earth, and since I already mentioned farm animals, I will describe it like this:

The animals in the farm do not know what is going on in their reality. They do not know there is a reality beyond what they experience. They take what they have for granted. Indeed, many of them do not even suffer, they may quite enjoy where they are. Yet, they are not free, nor are they experiencing their fullest or most true selves. And for that, you have activists that raid the farms, and laboratories - a place even closer to what it really all is about - to set free those animals, and help them escape from where they are living in capture. These animals do mostly not know they live in capture, they dont know the world outside, so once they DO get out, they are confused, and stumble around, do not know where to go - and most of them fall and very few actually ends up free. But, now and then once in a while, a few of them manages to get into the real woods, beyond the limits of the city they were trapped within, and experience their true natural surrondings, and gets to know what they really are and where they came from.

And the same goes for you people here - you are like those animals, and there are those other beings out there which have the role as the "activists" trying to set you free. You do not know this, you are not aware of them, nor do you know that you are not free, or that all you know as Reality, and even Yourselves, are nothing but illusions. They are still out there, working behind the scene, to try lead you back home from where you came.

Just as there is a problem for an activist to explain an animal that it is captured, and what its freedom really is, and where it comes from, there is an equal problem for those beings beyond to explain the same to you people. Yet, your ignorance, and inability to understand, does not make the truth cease to exist. It still remains as it is.

Some of you will feel a wave over you as you read this, this is the wave of truth, intuition, that part of you still connected to your true Soul, your real being. However, most of you are so indoctrinated, mind controled and brainwashed that you will think of it all as utter nonsense, lies and fabrications. And that is fine, it is not your fault, and the truth IS hard to grasp.

You have been here so long, that you hardly know anything else, not even in the depths of your spirits, since you have in fact lived over and over here from generation to generation, from lifetime to lifetime, making you so tied to Earth and physical existence the way you experience it now, that you will have a hard time letting go and be free, or even know that there ever was anything else.

Of course, the idea about reincarnation is something everyone have heard of, and nothing new for most of you. But, the TRUTH behind reincarnation is probably not that familiar to you. And the truth is that reincarnation exists to KEEP you here, NOT to make you progress or develop in any way at all. It is part of the many chains that drags you back down life after life, it is between each incarnation you are abused mentally, mind controlled, having your memories erased and forced into an amnesia removing your knowledge of self and individuality. Reincarnation, as well as Karma - they are, as with everything else, falsely explained in the "public" and religous teachings of Earth, since EVERYTHING here is made to keep you here and away from the Truth as I mentioned in the introduction.

You whole physical body is a creation, artificially designed, to capture your soul within it, and deny you access to the higher form of existence where you are truly from.
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