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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SMP
Post Content
Solarson I feel and know what u say is true cuz it's really easily noticed in a way, just that whatever u think you would like, well duh, you can most defiantly be assured your not going to get that! Expect the grumpy side of your thoughts to take charge it's so predictable, thanks for sharing like others, greatly appreciated by me, cuz really this is absolutely Retarded!! And I know that this is such a fake totally pre programed basically witnessing experience, soo, really we need the info on how to completely instantaneously saturate this stupidness with I'm going for source love but so far stupidness seems to keep rolling, o well, just waiting for the party, again thanks though, I'd do the same for you if I knew what u knew cuz, stupidness sucks in large continus doses like me and we have been witnessing. alien16rimshotred_heart
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