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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle ThereIsNoEye
Post Content
Why don't the good guys tear down the pens and let us go free? If we are analogous to the animals, they are analogous to animal rights activists who refuse to release animals from their cages hoping the animals will slip free on their own somehow.

Locks are usually on the outside of the doors. If the locks are inside and we have the ability to obtain the keys or combination, then cut to the chase.

Tell me where to find the key, what the combination is, or at least how to communicate with the good guys to see if they can get me upgraded to a fancier cage and more perks while I'm here.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4714791

It is not as simple as you would like.

An animal rights activist would not burn down the barn to try get the animals out, just hoping to save one or two while the hundreds rest would die in the fire.

And it is pretty much that way, violently ripping you out will tear your existence apart and make it fall in your heads and you will be hopelessly lost even beyond what you are now.

The Key from the INSIDE, as you speculate about, is here luckily enough though. It is not truly a key, it is more like a back-door, in similar ways as back-doors on computer systems, or security holes rather.

This security hole, is your so called Third Eye. In contrast to what your mainstream New Age movement teaches, the Third Eye is part of the Control mechanism to keep you here. It is through the Third Eye mind control is performed, delivering outside programming to your inner worlds, your psyche.

It was inbuilt on purpose in the Human-Energetic body, which contains what you call Chakras, along with its connection to the Pineal Gland in the physical body, to serve as a remotely controlled entrance point for feeding you thought-patterns and induce altered states in your psychology.

However, this can be used against its purpose, since you can actually go towards the flow, and let yourself pass out through the crack that must always be there for a physical human being to function. It is a security hole that can never be completely closed. Connection with the Soul can never be truly cut. That would render the Human body useless and lifeless. It is the Soul that animates the Body, but the Body is not expressing its Soul, but a mashed up cooking pot of ideas, thoughts and mental programming that the Mind of the Human host is filled with.

Mastery of proper Soul-connection takes a long time, often not only one lifetime, but several. One of the other secrets of the Secret Orders is how to maintain ones individual awareness and consciousness from life-time to life-time, meaning that nothing is lost in between incarnations and thus a person gains incredible knowledge and understanding as he technically can be hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of years old, still the same person mentally with only the body changing as time goes. This is one of the reasons why the ones called the Elite have as much power and control as they have, since their occult understanding and self-realization is immense.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Makes sense actually.

No Awakened human being, to my knowledge, has ever advocated activating or paying any mind whatsoever to 'The Third Eye'.

It's more a Freemason-Kaballah philosophy.

But not one of truly awakened persons.

That's probably why truly awakened people rarely ever emerge from the secret society groups...it's more about power and control.
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