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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Mastery of proper Soul-connection takes a long time, often not only one lifetime, but several. One of the other secrets of the Secret Orders is how to maintain ones individual awareness and consciousness from life-time to life-time, meaning that nothing is lost in between incarnations and thus a person gains incredible knowledge and understanding as he technically can be hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of years old, still the same person mentally with only the body changing as time goes. This is one of the reasons why the ones called the Elite have as much power and control as they have, since their occult understanding and self-realization is immense."

So how does the average man, or should I say average cow go about doing this? I'm not elite, I don't have any secret clubs to join, so how the fuck do I escape this prison? And if you "elite" are trying to escape the prison as well then who the hell are the actual "bad guys"?

Who has perpetrated this grandest of schemes upon humanity (or upon our souls, since you're saying all that we know and see are falsification, even our bodies which are just husks to house/entrap the soul)
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