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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
OP this idea has been bandied about on this site lately ("soul trap" thread, and a few others) I am interested. I figured out awhile ago that this world is deception wrapped in deception, clothed in subterfuge. This has left me little hope, as there is no possible way to disseminate the truth from the lies here on earth, there is only the voice of my truest essence within - that of love/creator.

Please tell us how to break free. Can we even do it on our own? As of right now the only plan I had in place was to not go into the "light" upon my death. I plan to ask to be returned to the original source of my creation, or first source/god.

Will that even work!? And can I escape this prison/farm without dying in this physical body?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4738313

Wise plan as far the Light goes! Very few have the slightest idea about that, you have good chances in what is to come.

A very few people have spoken out some on the true core of reality, I can think of 3 people except myself that I have seen in my entire life-time when excluding people I know as direct members of my same group. Thats relating to the 3 I know of that got things fairly correct - you have nuggets of truth here and there in other places too but nothing that really breaks the surface.

But back to the Light - and how to act in your dying moments, of crucial importance to know if you ever plan on moving on and free yourself!

One of the most important things to do is to maintain your individual awareness and conscious thought process as your Spirit separates from your Body. This can be learned by different practices, mainly various forms of meditation and those exercises that can lead you to control dreams and experience yourself outside your body. I may write a bit more in-depth on some exercises we are using in the Orders that are very successful.

In fact, learning to separate your Spirit from the Body is crucial since it gives you a great advance when the time of Death comes, as you will already be familiarized with the non-physical existence.

You may also come to know your True Self, that part of you which is OUTSIDE of the Sphere of the current existence here , through such exercises.

To the contrary of popular belief, the Soul is NOT inside the physical Body - the Soul exists in a slumber in other outside-realms of Existence, way beyond the Sphere that encompasses all the physical and lower levels of illusional spiritual worlds. The Soul is however CONNECTED to the Physical Body, the Mind & Spirit that occupies the Body.

In a manner of speaking, it is the Consciousness that is captured within the Physical body, and not the Soul, whereas the Soul itself can be considered a different "body" all together.

If you are LUCKY, you can manage to escape at Death by doing as you ponder, asking to be returned to first source. You would be better of demanding to experience yourself as your highest individual self though, or simply as your true Soul.

But, as said, you would be lucky to manage it that way, since you would already have to be aware and conscious in the process while doing it, and very few people are unless they are intensely trained for it and prepared.

Every night when you go to sleep, say out loud to yourself a few times "I am Conscious, Aware and I know when I'm dreaming!". Do it every single night before sleeping. Eventually this alone can start triggering alertness in your dreams, and make you become lucid as you fall asleep.

There are many methods though, many ways, and I will have to detail those on a later point. There is already a lot of great material on those specific practical topics in existence as well and I recommend you all to study and practice both Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection on a regular daily basis. You will be glad you did.

You can never escape anything while still in physical body, although you can have a taste of what is to be experienced beyond the physical body. You can connect with your Soul, you can observe the mechanics of the system that keeps you here, and you can access levels of insights that equals that which is called "enlightement".

But you can never be free until you dispose of the physical body since you can only be alive and conscious in one place at a time so to speak - and your Soul is NOT a physical vehicle like your current body. It can never exist within the physical. Just as the physical can never exist in the non-physical.
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