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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle ThereIsNoEye
Post Content
Since the OP cannot seem to get his act together, I will answer the best I can about freeing your-Self from the 'Matrix'.

Your own false assumptions create 'The Matrix'.

Consciousness arises at birth and grasps the body as 'I'. This is when the sense or concept of 'me' comes into play. The body develops and 'I' am a thing(a body). It takes a bit of time to settle in, as it is artificial and unnatural. It cannot be present without several factors --- the body, consciousness, the mind, the idea of 'me', the association of that concept with these factors keep the mechanism in play.

A bit of looking dismantles it like a hot knife through butter, because the primary factor, consciousness, is itself an appearance.

You are That to which consciousness happens. The coming and going of consciousness does not change your fundamental being. And therefore anything that happens in consciousness does not apply to your real being.

Just see the facts of the situation and all the identification and beliefs are undermined.

The main thing is to understand what you Are. Until we start looking into this, the assumption is that the body is what we are. This is untenable, in actuality. As long as this association is assumed, there will limitations, because we are asking ourselves to be something other than our real Self.

In this very moment, what you Are is actually clear and present yet most cannot see it.

The Illuminati or whatever you want to call them(Luciferians) create the world to keep you trapped in this state of body-identification --- which ultimately leads to desire, fear, isolation, and rebirth.

But you can transcend it all by simply coming be know and understand what you Are...which always clear and present prior to the emergence of any object or thought.

Look for your-Self and you will find it.

But you cannot understand your 'Self' by looking through 'yourself'.

In order to find out what you Are, you must have the courage to let go of what you ARE NOT.

Be Still and Know.
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