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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
The way to be free, is to do as you've said. Those are the right intentions and things to seek. Set intentions every night, day, doing dishes and connected to the grid always, saying, I wish to remember who I am and my Family who I love. Reporting for duty, want to help free this world, for the is the prime directive, and that is why people come in, and why there are Teams watching over.

It is an honor to Love and to Serve. We need to wake up and be hero's of this thing. Each day, turn the negative around, clear the shadow in our mind and thoughts, strive for what is positive.

And say, there is no place like home, no place like home.

However, this is akin to a hijacked school, playpen. Its not quite the way the bloodlines think, they do have some distortions.

Some entered in freely, but then things are far too negative, to be able to wake up and do the things that could be done to help, instead people get bogged down, more and more, the more they try to wake up, and even have some memories.

But there is a plan with many working to free souls from this backwards world, or shadow.
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