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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
op can you tell me about aliens?

also do visit www.xeeatwelve.com

it has more info that will blow you away.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24926659

Yes I can tell you about aliens, they are not what most people think.

Not the majority of them in any case.

You have a few different types of events taking place that are connected to "aliens".

The most obvious one, is of course beings from other planets, plain and simple. Such beings HAVE been on Earth in the past, and they may have a certain degree of contact with Earth at present. But this is unusual and not something common. However, there IS contact between different planets, mainly in our own Solar System, but contact here is not between aliens per se, but between Human people living on different planets. Slightly complex topic to get into details on since a lot will have to be written, so the short form to put it is that people on Earth did not originate on Earth. Physically speaking, the Human race is VERY ancient, and spread around in many places in the Universe.

The most common experience blamed on aliens is a spiritual one, where people are in contact with non-physical entities from other astral planes and dimensions. These are more related to spirits, poltergeists, ghosts etc (including "demons" and "angels") rather than physical beings from other planets. But, they are mistaken as beings from other planets nevertheless, and the majority of "alien contact" stories have an origin in such interdimensional contact.

You also have the connection with what I spoke of , the Reptilian race, going back in time before he Physical Universe, and these are still major players, and the first alien race that ever was in contact with the human race.
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