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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
OP, thanks so much, this is interesting. so why hasn't our God or whatever rescued us? what exactly do they do with the soul? eat it? inhale it? then what? they spit it out and put it back in the recycle bin? this is worse that just being a pile of dirt....
 Quoting: dv8

The best way to explain such a non-physical event would be to say they "absorb" it. While you are physically alive, such will cause illness in a person, eventually Death. This happens on many levels though - even humans inbetween do it to each other, though mostly unaware and not on purpose. You may have experienced that when in the company with certain people, you can feel instantly drained of energy, and then it is a case of your energy being absorbed in a similar way. Other times, if you yourself suddenly feel an instant SURGE of energy, you may be the one doing the absorption of someone else.

They do it in a much larger and more negative way though, since they prefer to do it while the energy is charged with fear and other negative emotions. Hell is an example of a construct put in place to create as much fear as possible near death, so they can really have a feast.

GOD doesnt do anything because "he" cant. God is not a person, or an entity in any way we are familiar with. Everything is God, and all you see around you anywhere exists within the Consciousness of God. Never outside, nothing is outside of God and thus God can not be "inside" something, such as his own creation, since God is the ultimate of all which everything else must be within to exist. God absorbs experiences from that which takes place within, but does not actively participate in them.

Other Gods ARE doing something though, lesser Gods that is, other entities of much greater powers than anyone here can imagine - mainly those left behind in the Beginning, when the Physical Universe was created, those original Humans that were NOT captured and are NOT currently stuck in the illusions of Earth, and all the deception of lower astral planes of existence.

The Humans can be said to be the Positive Polarity of Gods, and the Reptilians the Negative Polarity - both can be called Gods in our understanding of the word, when in their free true form outside all Spheres of illusion and manipulation.
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