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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
Consciousness is an ocean of life. Within our minds lives a myraid of entities - the ones often called demons, angels, aliens, archetypes, and so on. They will surface to express themselves at their earliest convenience.

This happens in alterations of ones general ruling mood and when the ruling self-conscious is put into the background, making it idle and unaware. Alteration of mood and dcreased self-conscious may happen naturally or be artificially induced. Change in one of these states often leads to an expression of the other as well.

As an example: When becoming angry, many people are expressing themselves by suppressing a certain emotion within, thus pushing their ruling self-conscious into the background with lesser awareness of themselves and their actions as a result. By doing so, the person lets his mind open for other conscious entities so they more freely can express themselves though that Persons mind - which thus may manifest itself in this case as raging anger.

The same type of other-entity manifestation often occurs through more artificially induced mood change such as intoxication from alcohol or other drugs. In both instances, whether naturally happening or artificially induced, the person who experience such though him will usually feel as if he was not in control during the incident and often not remember much of it at all since his own ruling consciousness was pushed into an fairly unaware state during the whole incident.

Often people experience complete blackouts during such episodes, since in fact the person himself, or his conscious awareness, has been pushed back into his subconscious, and instead an inner archetype has spawned out into control of that persons body through his consciousness.

This is often a problem - the cure to this is to learn to understand inner beings, those entities that are part of the human psyche and live in the ocean of consciousness we all share, to get to know them and work together with them. Create harmony between them and yourself consciously, do not try to suppress them or work against them, rather work WITH them, and make some compromises where you both make a deal on giving each other something both of you want.

Doing so and getting in conscious contact with inner aspect of self will greatly improve your life and situation, your well being, your health, success, and so on. Doing the opposite, will create inner conflicts, which in turn will manifest in the outer world as well.

Poverty, drunkardness, depression, loneliness, agony, anxiety, bad luck - all such are symptoms of neglecting your inner beings, instead of accepting them and understanding them, live in harmony with them and become friends with them, and they will bring all good things in life back to you - Balance, Harmony, all that is of the great work!

I will detail a more practical approach on how to get to know your inner entities in next post.
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