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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
Solar Sun--

1. Where do you live--as in above ground or below.

2. Is there an inner earth as in the hollow earth theory

3. Do you eat meat?

4. Is english your primary language--you phrased some things oddly

5. If "fear" is an energy feast and delicious to them....what is the opposite? What repels them--

6. Thank you for taking the time to share what you know.

I think it is more than obvious that those that oppose us have a very unfair advantage in retaining their memories--like the Dalai Lama--to which group does he belong?

Which religion holds the most truth even though most are full of deception.

Imagine the long term goals you could accomplish if one lifetime was not important--this is where we are deceived--we can not imagine the patience of those who take eons to put their plans in action--it happens so slowly we can't figure it out.

We are brainwashed to believe things like "you can't take it with you", you have only one life, Bla, Bla, Bla--

But if you kept on coming back into the same group and remembered everything and could continue where you left off--you could keep your stuff and collect more--you might want it ALL.

Which poison is the worst here to keep us enslaved and how best to clear it out?

If you could list the order of danger--what shuts down our 3rd eye so we can't use it?

Is it fluoride?

Is circumcision used to traumatize baby boys and have them give off FEAR and live re-enacting that trauma in their lives?

Are you circumcised?

There is a book written in Australia about 8 years ago that was about people living in a place where they were trapped without their knowing. They were used as labor and they watched TV, with world events portrayed by actors to keep them enslaved. They were told the rest of the world was at war and unsafe and they were protected. They had to wear monitoring devices--like our smart phones....

Can't find the book now--something like Paradise lost--but not the popular book by that name--know anything about it?

I assume that most events we see are planned. Did Bush senior kill Jon Bennet Ramsey? Satanic Ritual?

So, my question would be are there people that rise to fame and fortune that are by accident and not planned?

Can people access memories that belong to others through the collective consciousness?

So, if I remember I was some famous person, I may not be--I just accessed part of their memory from the shared records???

Isn't there one truth, somehow related to holograms--where the truth can be found in anything because everything holds the whole and the parts.

What about fractals, the theory that we are all just vibrations and music....

What about alternate realities--can we wake up in another one?

Are the people we are in relationship with real or parts of ourselves?

Is there such a thing as time travel?

thanks for your time...hfhfhf
 Quoting: stillhere

That's a lot of questions.. Let me try address them quickly.

1. I live above ground. If I lived below, I would probably not tell you that in either case.

2. There is some "inner chambers", to use that term. These seem to be ancient and may have been more populated in the past. A guy I know is behind a major discovery of this century, if not millennia , in Egypt. Unfortunately I can not tell much about that specific detail here and now since it is too narrow.

3. Yes, I eat meat and there is no reason not to. Any religion or spiritual belief system saying otherwise is simply wrong, as I have had more "spiritual experiences" than most of the leaders of any of those "vegetarian cults". I have met some that were not even able to astral project, which is one of the more crucial things to know and be able to do in life, if you really want anything worth of "spiritual experiences".

4. No, I speak many languages, english is not my first nor second language so sorry for any mistakes.

5. Most positive emotions and energies are less appealing to them. Love, Joy, Happyness, Confidence - those are the most important ones that is useful to be filled with. I will detail later on how to program yourself to instantly go into any wanted positive state of mind. There are some secret techniques for such.

6. You are welcome.

Dalai Lama is keeping one part of the world busy in deceit, just as the Pope is doing with another. The Pope is the supreme evil of all men on Earth though, and the Vatican the hand of Satan on Earth, so to speak.

Regarding poisons and toxic dangers, flouride is probably the worst of the most used ones yes. Generally, just eat your own naturally grown and self-processed food and you will be fine, that's what I do. Also get your own water from a natural source, don't buy it and dont drink tap water.

When it comes to Circumcision I have really no idea how that came into being or who is behind it, never really gave it much deep thoughts nor looked into it. Personally I am not circumcised, nor do I see any use of it, but I have friends of great insights who are and swears to it being positive, so anyone must make up their own mind on that. Though I doubt it can be immensely positive or negative either way.

The book you mention I have never heard of but the concept sounds interesting enough.

Regarding Bush and rituals etc, those kind of people do NOT get their hands dirty themselves, they make sure other people do so they stay clean as far as the spiritual laws and karma etc goes. They are not except of such rules. In other words, they get other people to carry out the dirty stuff on their behalf, and thus whoever carries it out gets the slap back. Satanic rituals on their own, are not necessarily affected by karma, nor is it "evil" or "good" in itself, but its a bit complex topic that takes way too much to explain properly right now so I will try to get back to you on that later.

The same goes for what is accident, and what is planned. When it boils down to it, nothing is really "accident" in the sense you most likely are refering to, but again it will take me too much time to explain it properly right now.

For the memories part - yes, people can access other peoples memories, and people can implant false memories into other people. This is done all the time, even by regular people accidentally. Other groups of people are using this as a mind control technique, and to extract certain information they want to get their hands on. This does not you are walking around with your head open like a wet paper bag though, it takes lots of experience and knowledge to do something like that and the ones who do are very few.

Past lives memories, are as you suggest, often false. You can learn to distinguish though and be aware of any "false" memories, and what are "real" memories. This will come on its own the more you practice with such and do past life regressions on yourself. It is important to always do it on yourself, do NOT let some hypnotist etc do a past life regression on you. Learn proper meditation techniques for it, I will try explain some later.

The "holograph" effect in things you speak of is real yes, all physical objects have a "historical signature" embedded to them, meaning that you can access knowledge on where the object is from, who has been in contact with it, how it got to wherever you got it from etc. This is true for anything though, not only physical objects, and when connecting to the "akashic records" mentioned earlier, you can collect such information.

Everything is vibration, everything has a frequency so yes you are right on that. Whether physical or non-physical, all energy is vibration of a frequency. This is something I am sure even modern science will acknowledge, since all atoms are always moving, the building blocks of anything is never still, thus confirming this.

Alternate realities, yes they too exist, and yes you can wake up spontaneously in one, though it is not exactly common. On the other hand, you can learn to travel to such alternate realities on purpose, I can teach you more on that later on since it relates to astral projection, out of body experiences, teleportation and what you ask about next, time travel.

So yes, Time travel is real, as is teleportation, and technically speaking the two are one and the same. Time travel is the effect of teleportation from our current timeline to an alternate dimension which is currently experiencing a timeline that is similar to either that of a past of future timeline in "our" current timeline. If that made any sense for you.

Will try to expand some on the answers to you later since you asked so much, and I can teach you how to actually do many of the things you ask, such as how to "read" imprints on objects to "scan" their history etc, or how to experience the alternate realities, even how to do time travel. This is all something anyone can do, just knowing the right techniques.
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