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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle SolarSon
Post Content
"Poverty, drunkardness, depression, loneliness, agony, anxiety, bad luck - all such are symptoms of neglecting your inner beings, instead of accepting them and understanding them, live in harmony with them and become friends with them, and they will bring all good things in life back to you - Balance, Harmony, all that is of the great work!

I will detail a more practical approach on how to get to know your inner entities in next post."

Have to say this reeks of demonic possession-- OPen the door to the others lurking there, compromise with them and give them some of what they want--no thank you.

This is as bad as the "seth speaks" material or the "course in Miracles" all BS>
 Quoting: stillhere

Yes, you are correct, it can be called "demonic possession" to some degree - or, to put it otherwise, it can explain that which is CALLED "demonic possession" and what such REALLY is.

What I refer to, are internal entities and energies that are CONSTANT. You can not remove them, and they will always be there. Thus, better to get on terms with them and live together in harmony, instead of against each other, and you will see your life and everything around you change for the better.

Any negative experience in your life is because of DISHARMONY and CONFLICT with such an inner entity.

Balance within, brings balance in the surroundings around you externally.

It has NOTHING to do with "set speaks" or channeling. To the contrary, I warn strongly against "channeling", which have to do with EXTERNAL entities, or spirit beings.

What I refer to, is already PART of your MIND and will remain with you at all times, anywhere you are.
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