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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well... it's nice to stumble upon a real deal:) although everyone is their own 'real' deal. please continue this info.

i come from a very strong family line but one with no ties to any organization per se. it's like i have had to always invent my own tools for awakening and now, i'm always just here. a very powerful and pleasant state but i seem to have nothing to do but clean up. and even that is disappearing.

having uncapped pre-birth memories and continuing my outer body, inner experiences, i'm wondering if the rush or lust for mystery will return. there's an infinity to explore and a new depth of love to love but often i feel like only a witness. is this just a stage? it's lasted almost two years. i would like your opinion.

in dreams and outer travels, this is a non issue. i seem to be the moment and i am quite epic ahaha. here though, i have to constantly work to maintain the frequency of my divine design. is that constant work part of the game and i need to put on my man panties or do i not have the strength yet to constantly vibrate at my highest level. like... is there an infinity of more levels and that is what immortality is?

thanks for the chat man:D
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