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Message Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That is a good way to put it, but there IS hope. The great thing here is that you do not have only one chance, you have MANY chances, MANY lifetimes. You can still work towards improvement in the next life, to make it easier for you next time around, if you really feel as hopeless and desperate as you express.
 Quoting: SolarSon

Can you really though?

I mean, we get mind-wiped and recycled with nothing left of what we may have achieved in our earlier life. So much for "working for our improvement"!

Besides, you said yourself this world is not a "school" set up for our growth, it' a prison that strips our growth away. And now you say the opposite, we should work to improve ourselves over many incarnations. If that really worked, we'd be out of this shit by now!

Perhaps I'm just not understanding your position correctly, but it makes no sense to improve our abilities if they will get erased anyway.

Due to different higher spiritual laws, you will not find someone out there, such as a God, to come save you. You have to save yourself. YOU have to do your own work to get yourself out from the mess you got yourself into in the first place.

This also leads to me being here - I came back here to work on assisting people on the way towards freedom. This is a complex part to go into great lengths about now, but I have already been "out" and I am already working with others who are both here and "elsewhere" , with a shared goal of guiding on in the right direction and end the tyranny. Many of us have worked for thousands of years on this already - the process is slow but the fruits it results in is worth it even though its a long time between each harvest.

We are all eternal and immortal beings and time is not important.
 Quoting: SolarSon

I happen to believe the part I bolded above is just another level of the control construct. If you reach a certain level of skill and get too close to freeing yourself, they sucker you into a guilt trip for the poor sods you would leave behind, and entrap you in the manager/helper class (the secret societies).

You then think you are working towards freeing everyone, while you are really just keeping yourself busy and ensnared in the construct.

If you think about it carefully, doesn't this explanation of why they allow the secret societies to exist make a whole lot of sense?
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